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Would You Like To Sell More Real Estate? Why Not Use Better Photos?

How important is Real Estate Photography to you? You may be saying to yourself I can shoot Real Estate listings with my smartphone, they are great! Not So Fast! Let’s take a deeper look at why this is further from the truth. Smartphones are good and all but do they capture every detail of the home you are trying to sell? Details are important and you need to show the full scope of what you are selling. Balanced light and windows views go along way.

Would you tell your million dollar client that you shot their home photos using a smartphone? I hope not. Smartphone photos should be reserved for Social Media posts.

Smartphones have limited dynamic range and cannot capture every detail of a home.


Let’s take a look at a few statistics as to why Professional Real Estate Photography is important.

  1. Homes sell 32% faster when listed with professional photos.
  2. First Impressions are everything. Potential buyers will spend on average 60% of their time on photos when viewing a listing.
  3. Homes with professional photos spend an average of 89 days on the market versus 123 days on market without professional photos.

I have only touched the surface on this topic but these statistics alone should be enough to make you start using a professional photographer for all your listings.

I leave you with this question to ponder. If you showed up at an open house with jeans and a t-shirt do you think a buyer would take you seriously? You spend money on a professional wardrobe to build your personal brand, why not do the same for your real estate listings. Your listings are an extension of your brand, Right? Once you start using a professional photographer you will start to see your sales rise and push you to the top of your local real estate market all while making more money and listing more homes faster than ever. Don’t let a listing go stale due to bad photos.

If you have questions on anything you see here feel free to contact me.

And Remember…

~ Light It, Shoot It, Sell It!